FGSM II - equipment for fischfillet-processing

Your fishfillet is cut using 73 stainless steel rotating knifes with a gap of app. 0.14 inch. The fillet remains perfect. Only the fishbones will be cut and remain in the fillet.
You can eat both now, fillet and the fishbones!
It is a simple job to take the FGSM II apart for cleaning !
So you are able to remove and clean the conveyor belt.

Technical Data:
Filletpassthrough:	over 1000 fillet / h
Max. hight of fillet:	1 inch
Width of conveyor belt:	11.8 inch
Dimensions(WxHxD):	24 x  15 x 20.9 inch
Weight:		        app. 77 lbs
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Fishfillet-Bonecutter FGSM II

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